The worms at the garden are back in action and producing their juice. They are thriving in the bath tubs in the composting area. 
Jill has taken over looking after them. She has covered the worm bed with newspaper and hessian to help maintain a nice constant temperature and moisture level in the bedding material. She then placed a lid on the top, weighed down with bricks.
She has asked if people can bring their food scraps for the worms to eat.

What a worm wants!  
Add some food waste to the top box, under the hessian.  These scraps could include things such as:

  • Kitchen scraps like leftovers (cooked vegetables and stewed fruit leftovers),
  • Fruit peelings (avoid citrus fruits – the worms find their smell too strong),
  • Grass clippings (lightly sprinkled),
  • Autumn leaves (small amounts)
  • Paper, cereal packets, pizza boxes, junk-mail, (all torn up and soaked in water beforehand)
  • Tea-bags, coffee grinds, tea and coffee dregs
  • Hair clippings and vacuum cleaner dust
  • Vegetable scraps and peelings (avoid onion)
  • Crushed egg shells (these are excellent to help maintain the pH of the bedding)
  • Aged manures

Do the worms a favour and chop this stuff up before you put it in the worm farm…after all, worms don’t have teeth, so the easier it is for them to digest the waste, the happier the worm farm will be!
More info at:  Sustainable Gardening Australia

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