Permaculture Principles

There is a vast body of literature on this topic, which applies to many aspects of life. Many of these elements are applicable to the way we develop and manage our garden. 

Permaculture is about “caring for people, caring for the earth and sharing the surplus” 

1. Conservation – Use only what is needed. 

2. Stacking functions – In permaculture we speak about getting many yields (outputs) from one element (thing) in your system. 

3. Repeating functions – We meet every need in multiple ways. 

4. Reciprocity –utilize the yields of each element to meet the needs of other elements in the system. 

5. Appropriate scale – What we design should be on a human scale and do-able with the available time, skills, and money that we have 

6. Diversity – We want to create resilience by utilizing many elements. 

7. Give away the surplus – Create systems that are abundant and share the abundance rather than hoarding it for ourselves.

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